Ana de Armas Hitchhiked to School | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Published on Oct 8, 2021
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Ana de Armas talks about getting kicked out of acting school, her role in No Time to Die and working with Daniel Craig on Bond and Knives Out back-to-back.

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Ana de Armas Hitchhiked to School | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
  • Johnny Everman

    Johnny Everman

    23 minutes ago

    Literally perfection. As an artist, as a person, and she deserves everything that is happening with her. Between Bladerunner 2049, Knives Out, and now Bond, she’s not stopping.

  • internetbadass


    23 minutes ago

    Only reason this girl is getting any roles is cause she's pretty and does topless scenes

  • MariNate


    46 minutes ago

    I need her.

  • Maivette H

    Maivette H

    Hour ago

    Yup, everyone hitchhikes everywhere in Cuba....They will pick you up too Jimmy, I promise. I did too, so did my male friends. It's common.

  • Diego Chiari

    Diego Chiari

    Hour ago

    Best part of the movie was all the scenes in Cuba

  • 99 Red Balloons 🎈

    99 Red Balloons 🎈

    4 hours ago

    she's stunningggg in the new bond movie. i wanted to see more badassery from her

  • jenny Avila

    jenny Avila

    6 hours ago

    I don't like about Ana de Armas is that she doesn't talk about anything that happens in Cuba.

  • Антон Шаповалов

    Антон Шаповалов

    7 hours ago

    ух какая она гарячая

  • J Crispy

    J Crispy

    7 hours ago

    Ana is stunning, and I justed figured out she reminds me of Kelly aka Tiffany Amber Thiessen from saved by the bell.

  • Antonio Saiz G.

    Antonio Saiz G.

    8 hours ago

    He doesn,t look at the cleavage for a second , this Guy is a hero.

  • Levan


    9 hours ago

    *She is unbelievably beautiful* she is amazing !!

  • vidya


    9 hours ago

    her part in bond made me a fan 😳

  • Tiago Guedes

    Tiago Guedes

    9 hours ago

    Aquelas duas armas..

  • Павел Нарбут

    Павел Нарбут

    10 hours ago

    Господи, какая же она красивая😍😍😍

  • V Slayer

    V Slayer

    10 hours ago

    Mi novia 🥺



    11 hours ago

    She is so beautiful... so sexy...

  • Brett Johnstone

    Brett Johnstone

    12 hours ago

    She's quite beautiful, isn't she.

  • annisa nurul hidayah

    annisa nurul hidayah

    12 hours ago

    Cakeeep amat mba Ana

  • ChrisDutch


    13 hours ago

    Marry me,Ana.

  • Lee Craig Stewart

    Lee Craig Stewart

    14 hours ago

    Ana de Armas is absolutely gorgeous. Brilliant in both films starring with Daniel Craig - Knives Out and No Time To Die.

  • Shooter Mcgavin

    Shooter Mcgavin

    15 hours ago

    She's gorgeous.

  • Justin Koenig

    Justin Koenig

    15 hours ago

    Definitely noticed that hitchhiking was super common when I visited Cuba. The buses are always breaking down, they can't find replacement parts, and so they're always over capacity.

  • Self-Obsessed


    15 hours ago

    She is hotttttrttt

  • abolfazl bayat

    abolfazl bayat

    16 hours ago

    She is so cute

  • Vincenzo Cassano

    Vincenzo Cassano

    16 hours ago

    She​ will​ win​ Oscar​ Award​ for​ once​ time.

  • Abuelo


    16 hours ago

    Horrible dress, gorgeous content

  • David Johnson

    David Johnson

    17 hours ago

    Obviously got the role because she is close to Craig. No way would he work with her on one movie, then be unaware of her going for Bond. Wink wink!

  • 淳 若林

    淳 若林

    18 hours ago


  • hardstylahTV


    18 hours ago

    какая же она красивая =(

  • orbis051


    19 hours ago

    I thought this was a young Shannen Doherty deep fake.

  • alexng4


    19 hours ago

    why does Jimmy sound so fake?

  • Albert Mariano

    Albert Mariano

    20 hours ago

    Very Alluring.

  • Still Koh

    Still Koh

    20 hours ago

    Wow she’s beautiful 😍

  • darthmorbous


    21 hour ago

    This guy is so fake

  • Grady Klein

    Grady Klein

    23 hours ago

    She was in the movie for maybe 10 minutes and she stole the whole fucking thing - i love that. I hope she has an opportunity to come back in a future bond film or something akin to that. She kicks ass.

    • Grady Klein

      Grady Klein

      4 hours ago

      @Debra Flowers What I said was subjective. I think she stole the whole thing - whether you agree or not is up to you.

    • Debra Flowers

      Debra Flowers

      6 hours ago

      no she didn't steal the whole thing but she was good in her role.

  • Ty Miller

    Ty Miller

    23 hours ago

    My biggest problem with the new Bond flick, there is enough Ana De Armas in it

  • Joseph Guilmette

    Joseph Guilmette

    23 hours ago

    She is a very lovely woman. Jimmy Fallon sucks! His show sucks he is not funny at all.

  • T Hyslop

    T Hyslop

    Day ago

    Fallon the worst. Does anyone watch his show? He is painful to watch.

  • Chris Jennings

    Chris Jennings

    Day ago

    Check her out in Knock Knock with Keanu Reeves. Get to see them hoooohaaaawssss

  • Seven


    Day ago

    She was absolutely amazing in knives out. I have not seen bond yet

  • Fafa 2020

    Fafa 2020

    Day ago

    Linda como siempre te amo desde el internado 😘

  • mrbatman


    Day ago


  • Carlos Antuche

    Carlos Antuche

    Day ago

    You’re such start we Cubans are proud of you . I remember when you triumphed in Spain and now in Hollywood .



    Day ago

    Pura vida interesante actriz

  • Adrian Franco

    Adrian Franco

    Day ago

    Woww she is so fc beautiful and perfect❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • fivetimesyo


    Day ago

    She's a young Tiffany Thiessen. It's like Kelly Kapowsky millennial edition.

  • bill clay

    bill clay

    Day ago

    Riley Reid!

  • starwarsrebel2006


    Day ago

    Americans forget, just because they're not allowed to go to Cuba doesn't mean others can't go. Canadians go to Cuba on vacation as often as Americans go to Mexico on vacation.

  • Roger Halt

    Roger Halt

    Day ago

    Should have hitch hiked in the Bond movie to be around more. Her character had a lot of potential!

  • Konstantin Malaev

    Konstantin Malaev

    Day ago

    Is that the girl from El Internado?

  • Andrew Ralte

    Andrew Ralte

    Day ago

    I feel both protective and scared of her. She has a strange effect.

  • Javier


    Day ago

    This is common practice for many people in Cuba, especially on those days. Transportation has always been hard in Cuba due to the shortages

  • Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper

    Day ago

    0:15 my man took a quick peak

  • Ali Omer

    Ali Omer

    Day ago

    She looks like Riley reid

  • Mr.Market


    Day ago

    Worst interviewer of all time. How did he get a show again?? Who's family member is in the biz?

  • Samson Staats

    Samson Staats

    Day ago

    Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.

  • He6ony Alexei

    He6ony Alexei

    Day ago


  • Евгений Буров

    Евгений Буров

    Day ago

    i can't focus on what she is talking about, I just enjoy looking at her and listen her voice =)

  • Prabu Ubarp

    Prabu Ubarp

    Day ago

    I love ana de armas

  • Cernold


    Day ago

    She looks like Xena warrior princess here

  • Denis Fomin

    Denis Fomin

    Day ago

    Божественна хороша!

  • PPV


    Day ago

    Did anyone notice the color of her hair? I didn't. Lol

  • ITDownloads


    Day ago

    You have beautiful, hot, top draw mega hotties and then you have Ana..

  • Josiel Gonzalez

    Josiel Gonzalez

    Day ago

    The first time I saw her was in Mentiras y Gordas a Spanish film and her character was awesome and out of this world. After the Spanish series El Internado she did a great job and I love her character so much and since then I seen her in American movies and I’m so proud of her. Keep it up and we love you

  • KDP Mighty

    KDP Mighty

    Day ago

    I remember watching the TV show called El Internado Spanish TV show and saw her young back then I thought she is so beautiful. Later on I feel I'm following her whole career and it's really amazing what she has done. It's inspiring for everyone that everything is possible.

  • Siam


    Day ago

    she was amazing in bond movie. hope we see more of her in action movies.

  • abhishek singh

    abhishek singh

    Day ago

    She's 😍😍😍

  • Abc Def

    Abc Def

    Day ago

    Many talents in front and behind scence.and she can kick ladies n gentlemen

  • Tak kee Wong

    Tak kee Wong

    Day ago


  • PerfectSoldieR96


    Day ago

    Cásate conmigo Ana.

  • Mark My Words

    Mark My Words

    Day ago

    Is she pregnant?

  • Leah White

    Leah White

    Day ago

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  • Руслан


    Day ago

    Афлек бубен такую сочную молодушку променял на бабулю

  • Bobby Ranger

    Bobby Ranger

    Day ago

    I haven't seen the film. From what I gather, her role in No Time To Die boils down to.
    Paloma: Hello. I'm in the movie.
    Audience: YEAH!
    (Five minutes later).
    Paloma: See you later.
    Audience: Noooooo!

  • Bobby Ranger

    Bobby Ranger

    Day ago

    Cuba: Hitch hiking is super safe and super common.
    Me: I wouldn't even risk that here in the UK.

  • Food Reacts

    Food Reacts

    Day ago

    shes very cute

  • Armando Problemas

    Armando Problemas

    Day ago

    oh yeah.......a woman kicking A like that and taking 4 men.........yeah!!! Makes perfect sense.

  • onebluelove23


    Day ago

    Her two parts are about to pop out of that dress.

  • Verociity


    Day ago

    funny seeing her and Daniel Craig go from Knives Out back to Bond again

  • Samir Kumar

    Samir Kumar

    Day ago

    Knock knock

  • Anderson M

    Anderson M

    Day ago

    She’s so stunning. Jimmy was nervous haha.

  • prudhvi raj

    prudhvi raj

    Day ago

    Looks like Riley reid

  • ArielAG19


    Day ago

    Q nombre mas choto jajajajaua

  • Cómo estás

    Cómo estás

    Day ago

    What I wanna say is that she is so cute.

  • Rymart CM

    Rymart CM

    Day ago

    Men of culture, we meet again.

  • DAVE


    Day ago

    Terrible interview, can he be anymore unprepared and nervous

  • alex bakalov

    alex bakalov

    Day ago

    Riley Reid?

  • Masahiro Lisai

    Masahiro Lisai

    Day ago

    Jimmys eyes a little bit sore after this interview