Daniel Craig Got Emotional After Shooting His Final Scene as James Bond | The Tonight Show

Published on Oct 12, 2021
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Daniel Craig talks about starring in his final James Bond film, the British Royal Navy naming him an honorary commander and getting emotional after shooting the final No Time to Die scene.

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Daniel Craig Got Emotional After Shooting His Final Scene as James Bond | The Tonight Show

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
  • Kapt Blasto

    Kapt Blasto

    4 seconds ago

    WHY? Why does the phone ring when you're in the shower?
    Why does Rice battle Texas A&M? WHY THE HELL NOT?!
    (Continues, below.....)
    You have the scene play out, like THIS:
    Little beknownst to any and everyone, the blast of the hellfire missles DID *NOT* BLOW JAMES BOND TO BITS,
    like it was depicted in the main story, but merely catapulted him off Safin's Island in Japan....
    All the way to the South Pacific, about 2000 miles, south East....to ANOTHER ISLAND....
    an UNCHARTED, DESERT ISLAND, to be precise....and, a most...oddly familiar one, at that!
    As the End-Credits scene starts, we find our man, Bond, face down on the shores of this uncharted desert isle's lagoon....
    Bond's first tastes of regaining consciousness, is a glob of wet sand and salty seaweed, which he promptly vomits forth, and, the first sight he sees is not of Madeline, or Mathilde, as he would have wished, but, of a derelict boat with a hole on its side, that
    obscures the dead vessel's name. "S. S. Min" was all Bond could make out before the hole came into better focus....
    Soaking Wet, Bond rose to his feet, and finds that his clothes are completely different! No longer does he find himself in his blood-stained white tuxedo shirt, suspenders, commando fatigues and boots, but now a red long-tail polo, white pants and shoes, and at his feet, what appeared to have been half-covered in the silty sand, and only now revealed in this low tide....a funny looking white bucket hat, that apparently came off someone's head! Certainly not our hero Bond's....certainly not!
    But all of a sudden, here comes HINX ready to do battle once again. Bond sees Hinx, and braces for impact, but, something's Off about Hinx, this time.... Something's Definitely Off! "Little Buddy! Are you all right?! Speak to me!" says Hinx!
    Bond gets puzzled, and wonders to himself, as the last time he saw Hinx was the chained barrels of wine, catapulting him out the train to certain doom. This time, Hinx is wearing a Blue Polo, Black Pants, and a black nautical Hat. a Skipper's Hat?
    Bond lowers his guard as Hinx doesn't appear to be a threat, not yet....
    But then Mr. White shows up, and says, "Well, it looks like he's alright!, that blast could have sent him halfway to Japan!" and Vesper Lynd and Agent Strawberry Fields show up but, Vesper's wearing a plaid shirt tied in a knot at her midriff, and Agent Fields is wearing a gold evening gown....
    And then....to top things off... M and Silva show up, and Silva says, "My dear boy, it looks like that coconut cannon the Professor, the Skipper and I devised, almost got the better of you!"
    "....coconut cannon? uh....."
    "Gilligan! Are you alright?!"
    "Gilligan....what the hell is a Gilligan?!"
    Bond knew he died and went straight to HELL....and here he is!
    (Well, Fallon, if you like that little ditty, gimme a shout-out! Better Yet, Gimme a JOB, DAMMIT! I'll work CHEAP!....
    If you didn't like that ditty I just did....Damn you, I'll write 10, 000 more just to vex you....and I'll give it to the Other one....
    Kimmel, Jimmy Kimmel)

  • J.ChiChi Rodriguez

    J.ChiChi Rodriguez

    Hour ago

    I still remember the day that Casino Royale came out, didn’t know what to expect with Daniel Craig as 007 but, my wife and I decided to go and watch it anyways, IMO one of the best Bond movies ever.

  • Ella Dondy

    Ella Dondy

    Hour ago

    I will miss him as a bond 😭😭

  • CJ Carpenter

    CJ Carpenter

    3 hours ago

    At first I was a little 50/50 but then Casino Royale came out and he was phenomenal.

  • Nine Lives

    Nine Lives

    3 hours ago

    Fake Stuck up silver spoon public school boy toff

  • Filip Milosavljevic

    Filip Milosavljevic

    4 hours ago

    What will the next James Bond 007 be called because James Bond was killed in the last movie? I'm a little confused.

  • Gareth Robins

    Gareth Robins

    4 hours ago

    Dear Mr Craig.
    You are a brilliant actor.
    In my opinion the best Bond of All Time.
    You probably will never see this but I want to Thank You for providing an Ex
    Drug Addict who has been homeless for the last 18. Months.
    With the best Bond movies ever.
    I wish you luck with everything you do from here on out
    Here is an idea
    You could have a comedy written where you are Bond but old and retired.
    And basically you spend all you re time going out with woman and Gambling
    That would actually be funny I think.
    All the best any way

  • Ohh Maria

    Ohh Maria

    5 hours ago

    He is the Bond of our generation 💕 very special

  • SC&DC Sports cars and diecast Channel

    SC&DC Sports cars and diecast Channel

    5 hours ago

    The best Bond ever! He will be missed :(

  • CineMadics


    5 hours ago

    One of my fave people, then Jimmy fallon, the bumbling prick

  • Susan Richards

    Susan Richards

    6 hours ago

    daniel craigh one of the best bonds wont be the same also dont seem right killing him off :(

    • Happy Being Miserable

      Happy Being Miserable

      4 hours ago

      I think they killed the character off due to Sean Connery dying and he was the 1st Bond.

  • URmomsleftBREAST


    7 hours ago

    I loved it

  • PiCheZvara


    7 hours ago

    It almost feels like Bond should end with this or at least rest for a few years.
    Like the serieš has grown so much with Daniel Craig, it almost feels definite, final, like "yeah, so that's it for James Bond everyone, onto the next thing".
    I think they should let it rest for two or three years at least before even casting someone new. Just so the audience has a chance to decompress from Craig and start missing the character again.

  • Derrick Khroun

    Derrick Khroun

    7 hours ago

    👏👏👏👏👏👏super performance he earned The James bond role beyond all doubts! We all at first like were like but pierce brosnan is James bond yes,but Daniel Craig did earned and proved his super skills and performance absolutely Outstandingly Great!

  • Branimir Lukač

    Branimir Lukač

    9 hours ago

    Gay Traders👀🖕

  • sivan ohayon

    sivan ohayon

    9 hours ago

    top quality charming actor / person we love u Daniel craigggggg

  • Фараон в России

    Фараон в России

    9 hours ago

    The name is Bond....
    Blond Bond 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Cherokee Rookie

    Cherokee Rookie

    11 hours ago

    First movie I almost cried at that ending

  • Alice Moore

    Alice Moore

    12 hours ago

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  • Nik Verschuren

    Nik Verschuren

    12 hours ago

    I also cried in the last scenes of the movie!

  • Celluloidkid


    12 hours ago

    God Speed Daniel Craig!!.

  • Shibon Skaria

    Shibon Skaria

    14 hours ago

    From the candidate actors for the next Bond, only Tom Hardy gives that “assasin” vibe set by Daniel Craig!

  • Sanjak Pitakrat

    Sanjak Pitakrat

    14 hours ago

    To me he went from 'that gangster from Layer Cake' to the best James Bond actor ever.

  • tureblood115


    15 hours ago

    It hits hard because this is I think the only bond that doesn’t actually get a happy ending

  • Aurel F

    Aurel F

    15 hours ago

    Incredible is when you help someone from suicide ,when you planting a tree,making a child ,make something good ,whatching the mighty sun /a fictional movie is not incredible ,is bizare ,waisting so many amount of money is absolute incredible !

  • Theft Gaming Roblox

    Theft Gaming Roblox

    16 hours ago

    I just watched it in theater, and I almost cried

  • Doring Haak

    Doring Haak

    17 hours ago

    He's super hot

  • Ali brothers

    Ali brothers

    18 hours ago

    Some Time I see myself as James bond.

  • Monica Azzawan

    Monica Azzawan

    18 hours ago

    I love him

  • Grzegorz Wawrzeniecki

    Grzegorz Wawrzeniecki

    19 hours ago

    Did James Bond die or not?!

    • frederik peters

      frederik peters

      7 hours ago


  • Hector Ho

    Hector Ho

    19 hours ago

    He's one of the best Bond actors, imho.

  • Blake Wood

    Blake Wood

    19 hours ago

    Its so sad and ironic that he died during pandemics because of the virus.

  • ConsumedFrog


    20 hours ago

    I wish the movie had bond with moneypenny again. I disliked the new 007 shit

  • D ii Y A

    D ii Y A

    20 hours ago

    Craig is my favorite Bond, but... I am so glad he will have time for other films. Literally every film that I've seen him in he's absolutely crushed. And he isn't afraid to be silly alongside his serious and dramatic material. Can't wait to see what he does going forward.

  • aleksandra kettner

    aleksandra kettner

    20 hours ago


  • Ayush Zaveri

    Ayush Zaveri

    21 hour ago

    My favourite Bond and probably the best

  • T axr

    T axr

    21 hour ago

    One of the best Bonds!

  • Model 3 Dude

    Model 3 Dude

    22 hours ago

    I thank him for making me so happy as a Bond fan!

  • Anilesh C Jayachandran

    Anilesh C Jayachandran

    22 hours ago

    For me Daniel Craig is the best 007 ever lived. Respect to Pierce Brosnan and Shawn Connery.

  • kevin niang

    kevin niang

    Day ago

    He'll be fine, bet he went to the gay bar afterwards to relax.

  • Jean Claude vom Deich

    Jean Claude vom Deich

    Day ago

    After Craig there's only one man who's able to continue the legacy IDRIS ELBA!!!!

  • wildsmiley


    Day ago

    Thank you good sir. 🙏🍸

  • Jai Niranjan

    Jai Niranjan

    Day ago

    I wasn't happy about anyone replacing Pierce Brosnan. As I was watching Casino Royale I felt ok then that bond getting poisoned scene came up 😃

  • Andreas Bongaja

    Andreas Bongaja

    Day ago

    James bond muka tuek... Wkwk

  • Nobody Nobody

    Nobody Nobody

    Day ago

    I love Daniel Craig!

  • Jon Norris

    Jon Norris

    Day ago

    Best Bond movie hands down. No question. Absolutely brilliant. You can certainly tell everyone in every department truly put their all into it. Ugh. What a feeling great cinema leaves on you… Your Bond will be missed Commander Craig!

    • frederik peters

      frederik peters

      7 hours ago

      I didnt liked lucifer

  • Fred Mulder

    Fred Mulder

    Day ago

    The Best James Bond ever had.

  • DrJams


    Day ago

    No time to watch

  • ravi kanth

    ravi kanth

    Day ago

    I watched it three times in IMAX Hyderabad, ill watch again. Love Craig

  • autumn1231


    Day ago

    Daniel Craig must be thinking this american host is a total douchebag.

  • Rafael Ayala

    Rafael Ayala

    Day ago

    I wish I can meet him.

  • Rafael Ayala

    Rafael Ayala

    Day ago

    Love it so much probably have to see it again. 😍

  • MadMaxx


    Day ago

    Daniel Craig is the best Bond. He did an outstanding job and I'm gonna miss him as 007.

  • Rafael Ayala

    Rafael Ayala

    Day ago

    Will miss him have to get used to the new bond 😕 😔.

  • Rafael Ayala

    Rafael Ayala

    Day ago

    Awesome movie, love it.

  • Madeline Thomasian

    Madeline Thomasian

    Day ago

    I am also a hugh bond fan. Ny cell phone has the bond theme song.

  • Madeline Thomasian

    Madeline Thomasian

    Day ago

    Im sorry i wasnt thrilled with no time to die. It was too long and was cast wrong. Money penny. Felix. To me it was a disaster .

  • yang Yeezybotter1

    yang Yeezybotter1

    Day ago

    The simplistic pheasant fittingly receive because fertilizer wessely hook sans a uninterested birth. highfalutin, far-flung rayon

  • Pamela Lee

    Pamela Lee

    Day ago

    Daniel Craig ♥️

  • Reko Sanchez

    Reko Sanchez

    Day ago

    Craig did a amazing job in his last bond movie! It is the best one I’ve ever seen! 👏🏾

  • Tammy Williams

    Tammy Williams

    Day ago

    Oh wow I can say so many great things about Daniel he’s the greatest ever … 15 years & 5 films 🎥 way to go. At the end of the movie I was so devastated bc no more bond movie for him . What a good movie. You will be missed playing the role. 🥰😭

  • Thomas Take Sports Podcast

    Thomas Take Sports Podcast

    Day ago

    He was FANTASTIC. The best bond and I am happy to have grown from 14 to 29 watching Daniel Craig as Bond. What an icon.

  • Silvia E Frausto

    Silvia E Frausto

    Day ago


  • Mo Toroil

    Mo Toroil

    Day ago

    Daniel Craig, You did a great job with Bond series, kept money HollyWood from ruin it with modern culture.You made the character your own and played Bond wonderfully as Bond,not another Connery.They took Kirk to space and made you an actual commander. Thank you so much for the great job you did with Bond, truly fitted the part and made it believable. Good luck Sir , sorry to see you go but if it is the end You took out Bond just right. Thank you.

  • Liberty Rogers

    Liberty Rogers

    Day ago

    Wait guys I’m REALLY confused… I just went to see the film, the last scene was him in a tux??? When did that happen, can someone whose seems the movie explain it to me because I think I missed it!!!

  • samson bahari

    samson bahari

    Day ago

    No disrespect to others but Mr Daniel and Mr Timothy is my favourite Mr James... James Bond.TQ..(very).hopefully the new Mr Bond will fit the role.

  • davi qualy

    davi qualy

    Day ago


  • Rhino TV

    Rhino TV

    Day ago

    Bond films just ain't gonna be the same without him :(

    • Seok84


      2 hours ago

      I remember having said the same after brosnan :) but then is different and all of them are so good…. Never was disappointed with a bond

    • Elizabeth Goncalves

      Elizabeth Goncalves

      9 hours ago


  • Patrick


    Day ago

    The name is Bond...... James Bond.

  • Ps4gamer7438


    Day ago

    No more vodka martinis :( btw shaken not stired

  • K9 S.W.A.T. Division

    K9 S.W.A.T. Division

    Day ago

    I met him in manila when his wife was shooting bourne legacy. he sat on the couch where im sitting in a hotel lobby. we chatted about how humid it is and how we're both surprised how modern manila is and how unfortunately he cant just casually visit these enormously grand shopping malls in manila. he's like your ordinary cool dude. humble inspite he is james bond! and he chatted with an ordinary dude like me.

  • Be shock

    Be shock

    Day ago

    Daniel why did you agree with women 007

  • Victor Saume

    Victor Saume

    Day ago

    The Bond's movies are over, but the killing continues. God save the Queen.

  • Kim G

    Kim G

    Day ago

    this is not James Bond anymore, it's James Woke. I'n not interested.

  • Jungle Lahu

    Jungle Lahu

    Day ago

    He will stay in my heart forever, cause Love this James Bond very much and Will miss him. 💞😓💔

  • Lutgar Elsan

    Lutgar Elsan

    Day ago

    james bond character is still attached to daniel, very sad for the ending in the film...

  • Bryan Villanueva

    Bryan Villanueva

    Day ago

    Just watched it on the opening day here in Canada and I got quite emotional in the end knowing that this is going to be his final James Bond movie.

  • Jewel In Vegas

    Jewel In Vegas

    Day ago

    Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman were the original producers and Ian Fleming is the creator of Bond. All three would be rolling in their grave at the direction, daughter Barbara Broccoli, has taken this iconic franchise. Killing Bond! You can't be serious! I've heard other stupid rumors of her upcoming ideas. Just proves money doesn't make you a genius story teller.

  • Alex Alex

    Alex Alex

    Day ago

    Great Daniel

  • Jed Carr

    Jed Carr

    Day ago

    I love him so much as James Bond because he’s the one I grew up with. Skyfall is my all time favorite Bond movie.

  • Pam W

    Pam W

    Day ago

    Best Bond Ever

  • David Munoz

    David Munoz

    Day ago

    Best bond. Thanks for a great 15 years of Bond.

  • QuantumBraced


    Day ago

    Daniel Craig is the best Bond in my humble opinion.

  • Sandra Del Rio

    Sandra Del Rio

    Day ago

    Sean Connery! The best.

  • Dilawar Khursheed

    Dilawar Khursheed

    Day ago

    Best bond ever ❤️

  • Matt Hunter 🏹

    Matt Hunter 🏹

    Day ago

    Daniel Craig looks like Kirk Douglas.

  • Black Superman

    Black Superman

    Day ago

    He should also come in marvel movie’s ❤️

  • Arindam Majumder

    Arindam Majumder

    Day ago

    Perfect Gentleman !!! We will miss you Dan . You have been astounding in the role of James Bond. Terrific acting, nuances, style, stunts , actions, hard work, honesty truly reflects in all your characters. Stay blessed buddy 👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • K K

    K K

    Day ago

    Jimmy Fallon is a waste of television space. A woeful questioner, the counterfeit laughs, ...just 'shut up' and let the guests speak for once, that'll be an improvement for starters.

  • Darlene Isebia

    Darlene Isebia

    Day ago

    Hiiiii I'm from curacao love alllll James bond films all the bonds was cute and Daniel wow he's a total look

  • karl velarde

    karl velarde

    Day ago

    Isn't that James Bond? 🤔

  • OB


    Day ago

    Daniel is the fist bond I that is actually believable as a ”killer”. He is not a glittered up babyface like all the others.

    • Ishmael Moh

      Ishmael Moh

      Hour ago

      @Jeremy S Why tho? He had the most films right?

    • Jeremy S

      Jeremy S

      8 hours ago

      @Jason Fella roger moore was also considered the worst bond.

    • Eduardo Sanchez

      Eduardo Sanchez

      9 hours ago

      You mean like Henry Cavill?

    • Jason Fella

      Jason Fella

      12 hours ago

      @Jeremy S Connery was one of the best, yes, but I disagree that the other actors tried to act like them. Not even remotely. Roger Moore certainly didn't, he was more light-hearted in the role, in general. And Daniel Craig was more serious as Bond, even than Connery. He had a grim determination as Bond than the others didn't quite portray.

    • Jeremy S

      Jeremy S

      13 hours ago

      Sean Connery was the best bond, the rest essentially all try to act like him. Daniel Craig was really good though

  • Aseel Ayad

    Aseel Ayad

    Day ago

    I hope they make Theo James the new bond

  • mooko totty

    mooko totty

    Day ago


  • Froppecy .Jaeden Matthew M.Galicia.

    Froppecy .Jaeden Matthew M.Galicia.

    Day ago

    Always looking good.The best James Bond ever From the Philippines.

  • Saham


    Day ago

    One thing that needs to be said for that clip that was shot on IMAX 70mm, so if you go to watch it on legit IMAX theater, the whole screen will be filled bc of the aspect ratio and laser projection