True Confessions with Chelsea Handler and Finn Wolfhard | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Published on Oct 11, 2021
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Chelsea Handler, Finn Wolfhard and Jimmy play a game where they take turns confessing a random fact before interrogating each other to determine who was telling the truth.

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True Confessions with Chelsea Handler and Finn Wolfhard | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
  • Abby Kidnew

    Abby Kidnew

    37 minutes ago

    lmao if you’ve been to a calpurnia concert yk finn is lying cause he’s not allowed to stage dive somebody would probably kidnap him

  • GZUZ414


    6 hours ago

    Wow people I can't stand and Chelsea!

  • Faryal Shams

    Faryal Shams

    6 hours ago

    no one appreciated finns jokes omg

  • the madclown

    the madclown

    8 hours ago

    The chick complained about being apart of game after. Like if you don't like the games don't go to the show and show off your new movie or podcast.

  • P M

    P M

    9 hours ago

    That look she gave's like even if you don't think a joke is super funny, you still acknowledge with a little chuckle just to keep a positive vibe.

  • Justice Bryant

    Justice Bryant

    9 hours ago

    Kinda amazing how finn is actually pretty intelligent(atleast sounding) for a kid in the spotlight at a young age.

  • Fake Account

    Fake Account

    10 hours ago

    Now I have to go watch the video where Finn roasts Jimmy

  • John Copnall

    John Copnall

    12 hours ago

    it's like bbc would i lie to you

  • alecia175


    12 hours ago

    I love Finn's Mr Rogers sweater.

  • Aks KR

    Aks KR

    12 hours ago

    ooh love this trio..😅

  • Lisbeth Lin

    Lisbeth Lin

    14 hours ago

    What a bizarre group of people

  • Jordi Vanderwaal

    Jordi Vanderwaal

    Day ago

    That kid was funny, I love how Chelsea said something like "yeah that joke is gonna hit at any minute" because the audience was DEAD. Oh and her following with "are you Jimmy Fallon?" is what all of us have thought many times (I don't get them mixed anymore, I think, but I did until recently).

  • Pamela Bonaparte

    Pamela Bonaparte

    Day ago

    OMG that was awesome 🤣😂😎❤️🦃🦃

  • Jeremy


    Day ago

    Chelsea is just awful but Finn made this whole thing bearable

  • Epic Ella

    Epic Ella

    Day ago

    They’re all such good actors that they guessed yes for all of them

  • Mark Roner

    Mark Roner

    Day ago

    Which one is the comedian?

  • Patient Zero

    Patient Zero

    Day ago

    Finn’s nose is likely going to keep growing with the decades.

  • Julian Donnell

    Julian Donnell

    Day ago

    Ok Finn had some dope 1 liners and the audience played him. 😂
    - the parents one
    - the I did the same thing at 10
    Like come on he’s hilarious!

  • Kryptospotted


    Day ago

    I think they let him win because they didn't want to hurt his acting confidence

  • Amelia Morgan

    Amelia Morgan

    Day ago

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  • Abigail Ysalde

    Abigail Ysalde

    Day ago

    He's only 6 months old

  • The Wolf

    The Wolf

    Day ago

    chelsea wants finn

  • Valerie Menjivar

    Valerie Menjivar

    2 days ago

    6:53 LMAO

  • Francis W

    Francis W

    2 days ago

    I completely genuinely believed Finn the talent showed 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • clara merchant

    clara merchant

    2 days ago

    She is SUCH A LIAR. 1970 my ass she is well into her fifties

  • Ro MaYo Jr

    Ro MaYo Jr

    2 days ago

    chelsea wanted to do another round 😂

  • Nafisa Tabassum

    Nafisa Tabassum

    2 days ago

    Finn is very good at acting. He should be an actor.

  • ec3po


    2 days ago

    Can’t wait for season 4

  • chuu love bot

    chuu love bot

    2 days ago

    as someone who was obsessed with the stranger things cast during finns little touring with his band era i immediately knew it was a lie #swag

  • JoJo Sullen

    JoJo Sullen

    2 days ago

    Finn always looking like he don’t want be there or anyway 😕

  • sebastian alegria

    sebastian alegria

    2 days ago

    Chelsea never stop surprinsing us, even more on True Confessions, Jimmy like the rest of the audience paid attention to what she says. So every day, this sort of game attracts me a little bit more.

  • T


    2 days ago

    Chelsea the racist...she better apologize to angelina jolie's children for the racist remarks about her children..

  • Trethabomb453


    2 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon is 1 year older than Chelsea Handler. Let that sink in

  • Angel Bustos

    Angel Bustos

    2 days ago

    You could tell Finn's was false based on his body language. He immediately began moving away from the table on his chair. Back and forth he kept coming in.

  • Louise Doria

    Louise Doria

    3 days ago

    Finn my crushieeeeee

  • Shawn


    3 days ago

    For the 100387484th time: WHY ARE THERE CIGARETTES 🚬

  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


    3 days ago

    the second i saw Chelsea i thought of her Harry styles interview 😭😂

  • Laura Castro

    Laura Castro

    3 days ago

    Do you remember the iconic "can you host?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kailey Kenadie♥️

    Kailey Kenadie♥️

    3 days ago

    Finns acting is amazing

  • Melany


    3 days ago

    “I’d rather my parents not fight on air” I love this ❤️❤️

  • Kamila Queiroz

    Kamila Queiroz

    3 days ago

    there is NO WAY they actually believed finn 😂 I bet it was staged. he was so nervous. boots for SIX months??? he broke his ankle and kept walking?? that’s impossible—as someone who has broken it.

  • Barby Rivera

    Barby Rivera

    3 days ago

    Thank god this interview came, I had missed his face

  • J Ramirez

    J Ramirez

    3 days ago

    LET'S GO BRANDON !!! 🇺🇸

  • Scott Shurson

    Scott Shurson

    3 days ago

    Did Chelsea finally stop taking her top off for attention and just marry money?

  • jani!


    3 days ago

    im sorry but finn probably makes fun of people who stage dive like he’s the type of person to hate a bunch of hands grabbing him

  • Alex Ruland

    Alex Ruland

    3 days ago

    damn i feel like i'm the only one here for chelsea and not finn lol.

  • terry


    3 days ago


  • Abhigyan Mahapatra

    Abhigyan Mahapatra

    3 days ago

    why the awkward silence? just laugh at the good ones for fuck sake

  • Danielle A

    Danielle A

    3 days ago

    LESLIE JONES is the standard for this segment

  • Shaquille Oatmeal

    Shaquille Oatmeal

    3 days ago

    "I shoplifted from Sears"
    Winona Ryder : *Sweats*

  • Rin Matsuoka

    Rin Matsuoka

    3 days ago

    Finn was the easiest to guess lolll he looked a lot more nervous than usual and his story wasn't adding up - his foot broke mid-air??? lmao that was an instant false

  • yến hoang

    yến hoang

    3 days ago

    Come nasce il corona virus? In che modo il covid 19 provoca due corpi?

  • Mona


    3 days ago


  • Jeff Gonzalez

    Jeff Gonzalez

    3 days ago

    Finn wrote that he broke his "foot" and then said his ankle caught on the edge of a barrier 🤔 Ok liar

  • nuk aim

    nuk aim

    3 days ago

    "He's smarter than both of us put together."

  • Ben Abaroa

    Ben Abaroa

    3 days ago

    I love how Chelsea’s like THATS IT? and then it cuts off

  • Fix News

    Fix News

    3 days ago

    Funny how cardigans are cool again

  • Kevin Molinet

    Kevin Molinet

    4 days ago

    This would be better if they also revealed the truth.

  • Katherine Wilson

    Katherine Wilson

    4 days ago

    He's adorable! Also funny and talented

  • The Person In Charge

    The Person In Charge

    4 days ago

    I don't like Chelsea handler and I think it's her tiny little eyes

  • Randy Tompkins

    Randy Tompkins

    4 days ago

    Can't stand her.

  • Kathi


    4 days ago

    Finn should host the show, he is funny.

  • Small Flower ✿

    Small Flower ✿

    4 days ago

    Finn is one of a kind with his jokes he will always be my favorite

  • Jesse Thurber

    Jesse Thurber

    4 days ago

    Can we move on from the ugly celebrities. Thats all of them LOL :)

  • Christophe Giraud

    Christophe Giraud

    4 days ago

    Their improvisation skills are out of this world 😀

  • Finnie Boy

    Finnie Boy

    4 days ago

    This was funny

  • ambar rios

    ambar rios

    4 days ago

    We all knew Finn was lying when we all saw him fidgeting 🤣

  • Vicky Gan

    Vicky Gan

    4 days ago

    😂😂😂 "I rather my parents don't fight on air" Finn Wolfhard 2021 😂 Finn's fire backs are back after 5 years everyone! FIVE YEARS 😂🎉🎉😆😆

  • Chelsea Fielden

    Chelsea Fielden

    4 days ago

    I’ve barely watched Chelsea’s show, but I knew that was true because she’s told that story before 😂

  • Summer Ray

    Summer Ray

    4 days ago

    Finn should of said to Jimmy can you read an then Jimmy should of said can you host 😭

  • Roberta B

    Roberta B

    4 days ago

    Bring Timothée Chlamet on this game

  • Joker Brain

    Joker Brain

    4 days ago

    Handlers tour should a been called old an Dry...

  • D J

    D J

    4 days ago

    Remember when jimmy was like “can you read?” And Finn said “can you host?”

  • D J

    D J

    4 days ago

    Finn can hold his own with the grownups, he’s wise and witty beyond his years.

  • Payton Van Winkle

    Payton Van Winkle

    4 days ago

    Finn Wolfhard is so underrated. He's super funny.

  • NANCY Nancy

    NANCY Nancy

    4 days ago


  • Princess Tinyfeet

    Princess Tinyfeet

    4 days ago

    Props to Finn for being able to keep up with Chelsea! 🤣🖤

  • breanna h

    breanna h

    4 days ago


  • lorelei kathryn

    lorelei kathryn

    4 days ago

    Yasss I knew finns was false

  • Jule Rulez

    Jule Rulez

    4 days ago

    She cant lie . Period !

  • robert garriott

    robert garriott

    4 days ago

    😞no thanks

  • elaine


    4 days ago

    i knew finns was false straight away. he's NEVER broke his foot i would've known about it somehow.

    • Joseph Papai

      Joseph Papai

      4 days ago

      Also when describing the injury he said "the middle part". He didn't give a proper name for the bone(s) he broke. If you have an injury, you know the name of the bone(s) involved.

  • Simret Sekhon

    Simret Sekhon

    4 days ago

    Finn is so impressive

  • Edgar Morales

    Edgar Morales

    4 days ago

    Just me or did jimmy refuse to laugh at his jokes lmaooo

  • Julie Vander Leest

    Julie Vander Leest

    4 days ago

    Why does it seem like Finn is still looking like he’s in the 80’s?

  • gopal swami

    gopal swami

    4 days ago

    Stranger things

  • Jon Dorsey

    Jon Dorsey

    4 days ago

    I want to have an uninhibited weekend cocaine fling with Chelsea. Can you imagine a better time? No, you can't.

  • Lindsey Mathias

    Lindsey Mathias

    4 days ago

    Love this!! Finn is so incredibly smart and sarcastic!! And as always Chelsea was hilarious!! I could watch these 3 for days!

  • Daniel Ku - 顧仲文

    Daniel Ku - 顧仲文

    4 days ago

    more rounds plz

  • Amy


    4 days ago

    Finn was moving back and forth in his chair constantly … clearly making it up…. I come on Jimmy!! You have kids

  • Yas


    5 days ago

    i love finn😭😇

  • Judas Iscariot

    Judas Iscariot

    5 days ago

    Why is Finn dressed like an 80-year-old

  • Shifty Bat

    Shifty Bat

    5 days ago

    I fell off my bike right outside work once and finished the shift on a fracture right below the knee. I can totally see powering through a show thinking it's just a bad stub.

  • Karen Cruz

    Karen Cruz

    5 days ago

    I love Finn so much he so funny

  • music_tv_movie_addict


    5 days ago

    Chelsea actually asking, "that's it?" was the best part because she never wants to do shit like this 😂😂🤣 great guests combo

    • SeppyQ


      4 hours ago

      @the madclown kinda why i love her. Lol

    • the madclown

      the madclown

      8 hours ago

      @SeppyQ she seems like a negative Nancy.

    • SeppyQ


      5 days ago

      I freaking love her

  • Death Star Stallion

    Death Star Stallion

    5 days ago

    Finn is funny... if saddens me that the audience didn't get his humor

    • Vicky Gan

      Vicky Gan

      3 days ago

      This audience doesn't get his humor compared to the one from 5 years back 😔😔

  • Rose


    5 days ago

    I stole stuff at 10 also not sure what’s up with that age

  • Nikitha Bostwick

    Nikitha Bostwick

    5 days ago

    I miss the entire cast together in interviews

  • CJ’s House of Comedy and Freestyle

    CJ’s House of Comedy and Freestyle

    5 days ago

    Chelsea Miller is a fearless leader of comedy wish we had more and we do but in light of them are afraid to be baldShe’s like my standup mom

  • Dosti LoKiEEE!!

    Dosti LoKiEEE!!

    5 days ago

    i could’ve never been on that show. just the thought of cigarette smoke makes me gag